Political Platform

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY:  The People W.I.N. with Wingate!

W: Will of the People: Our US government was created to serve the people, We the People!  Big government was never the intent of the founders of the Constitution. The best solutions traditionally come from the front line, and not from the political agendas dictated from Washington, DC.  When the will of the constituency conflicts with political priorities, the will of the people shall prevail.  When government is de-centralized and local Representatives are allowed to lead, policies are more aligned with our District’s values. 

I: Individual Freedoms: Many of us have felt in the past few years that our Individual Rights and Freedoms have been trampled upon, and we must work to push back against these infringements. Less government overreach, less stifling legislation, and less taxation equates to more Individual freedom.  Our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights were written to protect the freedom and rights of individual citizens.  As your Representative, I promise to uphold these truths. 

N: Nuanced Approach: During this complex, emotionally heightened and politically charged time, I will do my level best to ensure my personal conduct exemplifies the highest level of integrity, honesty, empathy, and selfless service; especially when challenged with complex issues in pursuit of common ground. I will seek to reach across the aisle in the House of Representatives, to those who do not share our views, or our concern for the welfare of our district, to foster better understanding and promote civilized discussions without being divisive.  Political extremism has no place in any party. It is my belief that in general, most voters favor moderation and reasonable compromise. I will first and foremost in this time of political vitriol, seek to understand the complexity, and the nuance of each issue and to hear all sides, in an effort to help steer the ship in the direction that best represents our shared values and needs. 




  • I support lower individual and business taxes because overly burdensome taxes stifles growth and prosperity. I support a reduction in all state taxes to include, but not limited to: Gross Receipts, Income, and Fuel.


  • Vaccine mandates are an over-reach of power and most likely not legal. It is an individual choice. Personal health decisions should be made between the patient and their doctor, not the government.   
  • Children should have in-school learning. It has been found that closing schools during the pandemic has done more harm than good for children; the negative impacts on education, socialization, and overall health and welfare of our youth has far outweighed any covid prevention benefit. 

Public Safety:

  • To maintain our democracy, there must be public safety and the rule of law. To this end, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, Healthcare Workers, and our Military to keep us safe from all threats. We must Fund these local heroes, Not de-fund them. 

Gun Ownership:

  • I support the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is perfectly clear. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Of course, gun ownership also comes with moral and legal obligations to ensure any weapons are properly stored and safeguarded. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

Voter Integrity:

  • Voting is a privilege for Legal Citizens of the United States under U.S. jurisdiction. No illegal citizen should be permitted to vote or even register to vote.  Delaware has existing provisions where any voter can request a serial-numbered absentee ballot from the Department of Elections and have it delivered by the U.S. Postal service. These provisions were put in place to safeguard the security and integrity of this District’s voting voice. Our elections must be secure to ensure faith that the will of the people is accurately represented. 

Social Issues:

  • Parents have the right and responsibility to get involved in the education of their children. This does NOT make them domestic terrorists. School boards should welcome healthy and respectful debate with concerned parents.  In the end, school boards work for the taxpayers. 

Suburban Sprawl:

  • While increased growth means greater tax revenue, our County Comprehensive Plan must rely on improving infrastructure before, not after, developments are approved. We need to find more ways for concerned citizens and developers to find common ground through meaningful and productive dialog to diffuse concerns. The County’s Comprehensive Plan should continue to be a living document to guide growth. Voters should ultimately decide the viability of proposed growth and development projects through referendum approval when possible.

The Environment:

  • Our district is rich in environmental resources worth protecting for future generations. We can, and must, find ways to balance responsible growth while also being committed to protecting the environment. We should develop green industries, while also maintaining adequate and safe supplies of fossil energy. We cannot “go green” overnight and put energy workers out of work, and cause our energy resources to fall short on supply and become unaffordable. Our district is uniquely positioned to lead the way with a reasonable approach to green industry development. 


  • The Federal Government’s Infrastructure Law provides funding the states to increase internet connectivity. We must ensure our district gets its fair share of funding to reduce individual costs. Companies and concerned citizens should be engaged in resolving the “dead zones” within our district. Local leaders and representatives should facilitate the discussions and use the legislative process to make laws that support local needs.

If honored to be your choice in representing District 20 in the State House of Representatives, I will do my level best to:

  • Always support the will of the voters in RD20, even when they conflict with my personal opinions.
  • Always ensure my personal conduct demonstrates the highest levels of integrity, honesty, empathy, and selfless service. This includes reaching across the aisle to foster a greater understanding of those who hold different views, to achieve reasonable compromise.
  • Always work to maintain and improve clear communications with the people in our district, online and at in-person local events and town meetings.
  • Increase transparency in governance and be a champion for common sense legislative solutions.

On November 8, 2022, Vote for Dallas A. Wingate
for Delaware State Representative - 20th District.