Political Platform

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY:  The People W.I.N. with Wingate!

W - Will of the People

I believe the primary job of a state representative is to ensure that the collective will of the residents in our district is reflected in the debates over public policy at Legislative Hall. 

I - Individual Freedoms

Laws and regulations play a vital role in maintaining order and safeguarding public health and safety, but they need to be used cautiously and selectively.  As your state representative, I will act as your watchdog in the General Assembly, supporting measures that serve our community, while working against government overreach that infringes on your personal freedom and stifles economic growth.

N - Nuance

Our state government has become far too polarized, with lawmakers often acting on initiatives that are overly influenced by political ideology.  That does not make for good public policy.  It is my belief that most voters favor a more nuanced approach that embraces moderation and reasonable consensus.  I pledge to keep an open mind, to be willing to reach across the aisle, and to work towards solutions that reflect shared values and which address common needs.




Inflation is starting to hit Delaware families and businesses hard.  Many economists are concerned a recession is looming on the horizon.  Now more than ever, Delawareans need to keep their hard-earned cash.  I will oppose any proposed tax or fee hike that comes before the General Assembly.

Public Safety:

As a former colonel in the Delaware National Guard, I helped coordinate our state’s emergency response efforts to dozens of emergency situations.  To accomplish this, I worked closely with police, volunteer firefighters, and other first responders throughout Delaware.  I deeply respect the vital work of these men and women and will always have their back in the state legislature.

Gun Ownership:

Our state has already wisely enacted red flag laws and universal background checks.  I also recognize that responsible gun ownership comes with both moral and legal obligations.  Having said this, I will oppose any proposed legislation I believe unfairly infringes on the rights guaranteed to our citizens in both the federal and state constitutions to own and use firearms for recreation, hunting, and defense. 

Parental Rights

Parents have the right and responsibility to be full partners in the education of their children.  School boards should welcome respectful discussion with concerned parents.  I believe public education is better, stronger when parents, teachers, and administrator are working together instead of facing off as adversaries.


While I am personally Pro-Life, I recognize that abortion is a deeply personal and highly divisive topic.  As the result of state legislation enacted in 2017, access to abortion in Delaware remains the same as it was prior to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the nearly 50-year-old Roe v Wade decision earlier this year.  In other words, the SCOTUS action had no impact on the situation in The First State.  As a state legislator, I would favor maintaining the current status quo. 

Suburban Sprawl:

We need to improve how residential and commercial developments are planned and approved throughout the state, but especially in eastern Sussex County.  In many cases, infrastructure needed to support new development has not been present.  Development decisions have typically been left to local governments in Delaware.  While I understand the benefit of keeping such choices in the hands of elected officials that can be held most accountable by local residents, it’s clear that this system has its shortcomings.  We need to do better.

The Environment:

Our district is rich in environmental resources worth protecting for future generations.  We need to find ways to balance responsible growth while also being committed to protecting the environment.  This needs to be a holistic approach that prudently considers costs, alternatives, and the impacts on working families and businesses.

On November 8, 2022, Vote for Dallas A. Wingate
for Delaware State Representative - 20th District.